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Spice It Up with Deb 

A Live Cooking Experience

Join our Cooking Community and Participate in a Live Cooking Class

Right from Your Very Own Kitchen!

I am Debbie Kornberg and I am so excited to offer you, my in-home cooking classes! Using the latest technology, Spice It Up with Deb:

A Live Cooking Experience gives you the fun of cooking lessons within the comfort of your own home.

  • Pick your cooking class

  • Receive a list of ingredients and recipes.

  • Order your SPICE + LEAF products through AMAZON. 

  • Cook in your kitchen at the same time I am cooking in my kitchen all in real-time with guided instruction!

  • Be a part of a LIVE cooking community with people from all over the USA!

  • Discover a cooking hacks along the way!

  • Explore the flavors of the world without having to leave your kitchen!

  • By the end of class, you will have a meal ready to serve.

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