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           How It Works

  1. Pick your cooking class from Calendar page and sign up for a Spice It Up with Deb Live Cooking Class.   
  2. Order any key spices through AMAZON or the SPICE + LEAF page.
  3. You will receive an email from me with your Zoom Log-In ID Number, Recipes, a Shopping List for produce and proteins!  And me! I will be virtually in your kitchen helping you each step of the way.                                            
  4. Get ready to participate in Spice It Up with Deb, A Live Cooking Experience, and start cooking in your own kitchen. Ask questions, share thoughts, and be a part of our cooking community while making a meal in your kitchen!  Be ready to WOW your family with a complete meal ready to serve all in real-time! 

"This class was wonderful. Our guests loved the menu and how easy it was for them to both participate and make a delicious dinner. Debbie is fantastic to work with - she crafts a delicious menu, sends all of the recipes and ingredients in a well-organized documents in advance, and keeps guests engaged. This is an excellent class as part of a fundraising event, thank you opportunity for donors or for other groups of around 100 people. Compared to other classes, this one is far better than any others I have researched/participated in."

Dana L.

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