I am Debbie Kornberg

and I am so excited to cook with you in real time!

I want you to feel confident in the kitchen knowing after a full day of work and activities that you can come home and prepare a quick and easy meal that is healthy, nutritious and tastes awesome!


I created this in-home cooking class because I too used to struggle with making healthy, quick and easy meals that my family would want to eat. After a long day and my kids needing dinner, I would just give in and either order out or just buy the packaged food from the market because it was fast and I know my family would eat it. I would often feel guilty as a mother and wife for not providing my family with healthier meals but I was at a loss for knowing how to prepare something in just a short period of time without having to spend hours in the kitchen cooking. Over time, I developed a number of recipes so my family would not get bored with the same dishes day after day.

Spice It Up with Deb will teach you how to prepare a repertoire of different dinners, feel super confident in the kitchen and add to your wheelhouse of recipes. You’ll come out knowing how to use spices and different flavors, while having prepared a meal that’s ready to eat by the end of the cooking lesson. 


Using the latest technology, Spice It Up with Deb: A Live Cooking Experience are cooking classes in real-time. Yes, you understood me correctly, you are in your kitchen cooking at the same time I am in my kitchen cooking. All the benefits of a local cooking class with the convenience of a private cooking class. How fantastic is that?!


Together, we are preparing quick and easy meals that are ready to be served in about an hour and will not compromise on flavor. Imagine, cooking together with friends across the United States and then having a meal ready to serve in your own home! The best part of Spice It Up with Deb: A Live Cooking Experience is we can talk with one another, ask questions and showcase our dishes to one another all in real-time! After the show, you’ll have access to our online cooking group, full of cooking videos from past classes you can watch whenever you choose. 

Whether you are a novice or an experienced cook, together we are going to spice things up in the kitchen with flavors from around the world, prepare delicious food and create community together in real-time.


I can’t wait to meet and cook with you!!!

Spice on,

Debbie Kornberg

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