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Tanja Goerig


Private Corporate Workshop

The Spice Blend Workshop with Debbie was such a joy. She helped us create a customized theme and recipes around Jewish American Heritage Month for our Curology employees, and shared a quick run through the history and explained how the ingredients & recipes we were using/doing got to the US. From the very 1st contact she was very helpful, considerate, attentive and sweet and just a real pleasure to work with.

The feedback we received from our participants was overwhelmingly positive. We have hosted cooking classes with other vendors before, but none of them was so well prepared, easy to follow and delicious. We got 4 different dishes ready in about 60 minutes and just had a great time connecting and unplugging from work.

Thanks Debbie, highly recommend!



Appetizer & After-Vax Cosmo

What a fun class! Although billed as appetizers, it was a whole meal for me. Easy to make. Delicious to eat - and drink. Thanks for yet another wonderful set of recipes and skills.

Batya Gilbert-Koplow


Appetizer & After-Vax Cosmo

I loved the class and really loved the appetizers! Deb is one of the best instructors I have ever had. I take many cooking classes and hers are the most organized. She is patient and explains thing very clearly. And her food and spices are unbelievable good. Can't wait for the next one.



After Vax & Appetizers

Great class. Easy to do menu. Especially loved the cocktail and the pita appetizer. I've made those twice again to rave reviews. Debbie is a great teacher with a lot of enthusiasm!



Appetizer & After-Vax Cosmo Class

Loved the recipes! And the spices go great on just about anything... eggs, fish, you name it!

Marcia S


The Package Deal: All 3 Classes Cooking, Adeena Sussman's Sababa Cookbook Cooking Class?

Debbie provides great information and makes cooking so much fun. Her personality makes her "Spice It Up with Deb" classes different from all the other cooking programs and demonstrations I've seen. Her recipes are easy to do and come out delicious. She uses interesting spices to make the dishes we prepare so yummy. She's great!!!



Sababa 1, 2 & 3

My husband & I absolutely love all of Debbie's cooking classes but we just finished all three from her Sababa series and had such a fabulous time. Everything we made was delicious and it was so nice to walk through it together to understand some of the techniques. We can't wait for the next ones!

Jane F.


Adeena Sussman's 3 part classes

I've taken 2 out of 3 classes in this series. I am enjoying them so much, in fact, I enjoy all my classes with Debbie. I am very thankful that she is making me a better cook and my kids appreciate that fact as well. Looking forward to many more cooking classes in my future.

Batya Gilbert-Koplow


Preserved Lemons

I love Deb's classes. She is so organized and thorough. I have learned so many basic cooking steps from prepping food to using interesting spices. I always have fun in her classes. The more I take the better prepared I am. Using Preserved lemons that we made a month earlier was the most interesting type of cooking I have ever done. They are so easy to make and using them makes such a difference in the taste of many dishes. I can’t say enough about how wonderful Deb’s classes and herb mixes are. I make many of my own herb mixes and rubs, but some of Deb’s just can’t be duplicated and the freshness makes all the difference. I just made a second batch of preserved lemons and will make the leftovers into Preserved Lemon paste!

lesley loon


Cooking with Preserved Lemons

I loved this class - unfortunately I missed the class on how to make preserved lemons but Deb was kind enough to share the recipe with those that missed the class. The preserved lemon chicken was delicious - the preserved lemons gave it a unique delicious flavor. Deb's classes are excellent - she is an excellent teacher and her classes are well organized and easy to follow. I have attended a few other zoom cooking classes during this pandemic and they are chaotic! Deb and her camera man know how to do it!



Cooking With Preserved Lemons

This was one of my favorite "Spice It Up With Deb" classes, and I have taken MANY! The preserved lemons added a wonderful flavor to the recipes, especially to the crostini and the chicken. I especially loved using the tagine I purchased in Morocco for the chicken. I will add the recipes from this class to my repertoire. Excited for future classes with Deb!

Liz W.


Cooking with Preserved Lemons

I love Debbie's cooking classes. I participated in the November class on how to prepare preserved lemons and was looking forward to this class on how to use them. This was a lot of fun and so informative. The recipes were great and I loved learning how to incorporate the preserved lemons into so many dishes. This will be a staple in my pantry going forward. I have really enjoyed classes taken with Debbie which have introduced me to new flavor profiles which are incredible. I love the Spice+Leaf spice mixtures which have encourage me to expand my cooking and broaden my horizons. I am looking forward to the upcoming Sababa class series.

Get a sneak peek of Spice It Up with Deb as she prepares a Cauliflower Hummus!