Special Cooking Class

Introductory Offer

Sunday, June 30, 2019

Shawarma Dinner   

SPECIAL GUEST: Natalie Jill,

Fat Loss Expert & High-Performance Coach

4:00pm -  Live Prep Time Together - Optional

4:30pm -  Live Cooking Class Begins



Shawarma Chicken*

Majadra Rice with Lentils, Onions, Turmeric and Allspice

Israeli Chopped Salad

Tahini dressing 

*Vegetarian substitution can be used for main course. Suggestions provided with shopping list.

You won't want to miss our special introductory offer when we are joined by Natalie Jill, Fat Loss Expert and High-Performance Coach. Learn how to make a delicious Mediterranean meal and pick up life-changing tips on how to create a healthy lifestyle for yourself. You will not want to miss this special class!  

To learn more about Natalie Jill, check out her website at www.nataliejillfitness.com 

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