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First-Ever Live International Olive Oil Tasting with Special Guest Eran Galili

Looking for a fun way to celebrate the holidays this year? Join Spice It Up with Deb: A Live Cooking Experience for the first-ever live international Olive Oil Tasting with special guest Eran Galili, international olive oil judge, and Israeli boutique producer of Galili Olive Oil. With your host and resident cooking coach, Debbie Kornberg, we will explore the beauty of olive oil and the unique flavors derived from different olive trees. Experience and discover the varying intensity of flavors different olives offer. After this class, you will have an excellent understanding of olive oil, how to tell the good from the bad, develop your own flavor preferences, and most importantly know how to cook delicious meals with EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil)! Of course, we will do a little cooking along the way with Galili Olive Oil and SPICE + LEAF Authentic Za'atar too! This is going to a class you will not want to miss!

COST: $75

After You Register for the Class, Each Household will Receive in the Mail:

  • An Olive Oil Kit containing (3) Three Varieties of Galili Olive Oil
    • 250 ml Barnea – Originating from the southern Israeli desert, the Barnea is known for its grassy aroma and medium intensity of bitterness and pungency.
    • 250 ml Picual – Originating from Andalusia, Spain, the Picual is known for its fruity aroma (typically tomato and herbs) and low intensity of bitterness and pungency.
    • 250 ml A SURPISE – Believe it or not, the olives are still ripening on the trees taking their time to reach perfection. As we get closer to the date, we will decide the best choice for the 3rd tasting experience.
  • SPICE + LEAF Authentic Za’atar Blend, 2oz.
    • The bold, fragrant blend of hyssop, sumac, and sesame seeds creates an exotic deep taste that truly pairs with everything including olive oil, bread, salads, chicken, fish, and roasted vegetables.
  • Recipes for Cooking with Galili Olive Oil and SPICE + LEAF Za’atar.
  • Descriptions of Each Olive Oil included in the kit.
  • A Zoom Link.


A Word about Eran Galili:

Eran Galili has been an olive farmer since 2011. Since 2015, Eran and Galili Olive Oil have received various awards each year in olive oil competitions in both Israel and Europe. In 2018, Israel21c news outlet named Galili Olive Oil number one in the country for on their top 10 list of best boutique olive oils in Israel.  Eran has a BA in business management, a degree in practical engineering, and has had extensive coursework in farming and agriculture. Eran is married to Tamar and have three children. They live in Bethelem of the Galilee, Israel close by to their olive groves. 


SOLD OUT - International Olive Oil Workshop - 12/20/20 12pm

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