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Hi, I am Debbie Kornberg and I am so excited to start cooking with you! This is a new and innovative hands-on cooking class!


You are in your kitchen cooking at the same time I am in my kitchen cooking and it's all in real-time! Together we prepare a complete meal ready to serve! You feel like you have a personal chef right next to you guiding you along the way.


My secret weapon are spices! I love cooking with spices! And that does not mean hot, it just means flavorful! Spices can transform the way you cook! It definitely has transformed the way I cook and I have become a better home cook because of it!

These are Quick, Easy and Healthy recipes with tons of flavor. You can feel like you have traveled the world without ever leaving your kitchen! The class is about an hour and you can have a meal ready to serve or meal prep for the week! I can't wait to start cooking with you!


If you think you would like to learn how to be become a better home cook, learn how to use spices or just want some new fresh recipes to add to your menu of choices, join me for a live cooking class and let's start cooking together! Learn more at


Let's Get Cooking!


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